3 Things You Must Know To Maximize Your Vacation Rental Revenue

Do you have an Airbnb listing and need help pricing it? AirDNA, the industry leader for vacation rental data, just released Smart Rates to dynamically price your Airbnb.

Smart Rates analyzes real-time market demand and provides personalized pricing suggestions for each date up to a year in the future. Interested in trying it? Connect your listing here: https://www.airdna.co/vacation-rental-data/

1. Rentalizer: Make The Best Real Estate Investment

Rentalizer, the Airbnb Calculator, allows you to enter any address in the world, and access annual revenue, ADR and occupancy projections based on historical data, competitor index, and market revenue growth.

2. MarketMinder: Smart Pricing

Did you know you can add your Airbnb listings to MarketMinder to enable personalized, dynamic pricing recommendations? Dynamic pricing tools can help you maximize your revenue by recommending smarter strategies based on location, comps, and booking trends! Sync your listing to get started!

3. Future Travel Demand (and their prices).

Bookings Trends allow you to see real-time demand for the next 6 months! AirDNA’s forward-looking data has insights on occupancy, rates, bookings, and year over year comparisons.

*Fun fact: You can hover over any date to get a rate analysis for your market. Try it out for yourself!

How to Find the Best Vacation Rental Property

We recommend reading AirDNA’s recent report on the best places to invest in the US. if you’re looking for hidden gems — the off-the-beaten-path spots that have flown under the radar until just recently, these markets currently host between 25 and 100 active properties, but likely won’t stay so for long.

The report also hones in on large markets worth the investment. Give it a look and subscribe to MarketMinder to get additional city insights to take your investment game to the next level. 

How Does the Airdna Calculator Work?

Upon entering an address, Rentalizer compiles an extensive list of nearby properties and creates an index based on relevance. The more similar the property’s attributes, the more bearing it has on our calculation.

Rentalizer also factors in market-wide vacation rental metrics such as seasonality, rental demand, and revenue growth.

By comparing like with like, our Airbnb estimator is able to make extremely accurate assumptions on the earning potential for any address, anywhere in the world. As a result, users are able to know how much their properties could earn if listed as a full-time short-term rental.

Go ahead, take a peak in the online app!

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