How to Choose the Best Airbnb Investment Properties in Arizona

Are you looking for a profitable investment properties in Arizona? Look no further than investment properties. With a range of options available, from traditional rental properties to Airbnb rentals, Arizona offers a wealth of opportunities for savvy investors. Whether you’re new to real estate investment or an experienced pro, now is the time to take advantage of Arizona’s growing market. Read on to learn more and take the first step towards your next successful investment.

Reasons Why You Should Buy a Rental Property in Arizona

High Employment Rates

The employment rate is pretty higher in Arizona as compared to other states of the USA. Therefore, people from other states come to Arizona for jobs and start their professional careers. All of them don’t have private or personal residences in Arizona. They have to live in rental houses during their jobs. It means the arizona investment properties will be the best place to invest your money. Therefore, you must buy rental properties in Arizona.

Landlord Friendly Laws

In some states, laws always go in the favor of tenants instead of landlords. This does not encourage people to invest in rental properties. However, things are not that way in Arizona. Here landlord-friendly laws are present to ensure a healthy business setup. Therefore you must buy and invest in Arizona rental properties and earn big profits in peak seasons.

Incredible Growth of Population

The population of Arizona keeps on increasing over the past few years. This rise is mainly due to the movement of people from other states to Arizona. Most of them come in search of jobs and start residing there. This has been increasing the rates of properties. Common people cannot afford to buy a property in some regions of Arizona. Therefore, investing in the  Arizona will be beneficial for you. People who don’t own a home in Arizona will opt for a rental home, and some of them will rent your home as well.

AirDNA Analysis: Top Places to Rent in Arizona and Rental Data Insights

To find if the above reasons will actually work for you to generate bug profits upon investing in the Arizona market, you must go through the rental data analysis of Arizona.

  • The average occupancy rate is 65-70%.
  • The Cap rate is pretty low at only 2.4%.
  • The average monthly rental income is about $3205.
  • The average daily rate is about $170.

The above data is for the whole state. It does not show where you can get a loss and what places are best for arizona investment properties market. For that purpose, we have to explore the rental data analysis of some regions of Arizona. So, let’s move towards them. 

1. Phoenix

The capital of Arizona has a very well-developed real estate market. The Phoenix data analysis shows that the rental business is a profitable option there. 

  • Total occupancy rate in Phoenix is about 70%.
  • Rental demand is 80 and 87% of it is only for entire homes.
  • Total rental properties here are higher than 5500, reflecting it’s a popular real estate market. 
  • About 44% of all homes in Arizona are occupied by paying residents.

2. Tucson

The Tucson is very profitable due to the presence of the University of Arizona. Students and other visitors chose to live in rental homes making the investment beneficial for you.

  • The total occupancy rate is 75% which is at a staggering percentage of 93% in February. 
  • The average daily rate is $150-160.
  • Almost 4000 active rentals are present there.
  • Rental demand is 81, with the most part of it being for entire homes.
  • The average rent in Arizona is about $1250.

3. Scottsdale

Despite being a desert city, Scottsdale is one of the major parts of the investment properties arizona market. Following is the analysis of the Scottsdale data.

  • The average occupancy rate is about 65% which will be higher up to 83% in March and April.
  • Average daily rate is $318.
  • Rental demand is more than 70 and is almost for entire homes only.
  • There is a 41% annual increase in rents of 3-bedroom homes due to high demand.
  • The average rent is more than $2100.

4. Flagstaff

This gateway to San Francisco is not only famous for the mountains and pine forests surrounding this city. The Flagstaff rental market is also a reason behind the popularity of this land. 

  • The average daily rate is $215.
  • The average occupancy rate is 71%.
  • When you talk about rental growth, this city shows 12% quarterly growth. 
  • Total rental demand is above 81.
  • More than 2000 active rentals are present there.

5. Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is a county in Arizona. Santa Cruz rental properties could be the best option to invest in. 

  • The average monthly rental price in Santa Cruz is about $2200.
  • 42,000+ homes in Santa Cruz are listed for sale. So you have a big opportunity to invest there. 
  • The average occupancy rate is slightly higher than 76%. 
  • The price to rent is sizzling high at 19%. 
  • The rent occupied rate is about 34%. 

6. Coconino

Coconino is a county in Arizona. The Walnut Creek market is one of the major places in Coconino for investing. Following is a rental data analysis of this county.

  • Median rate of rental property is $261,300.
  • Median gross rent is about $1137.
  • 60 percent of people in Coconino have been living in their personal homes.
  • The remaining 40% of people have to live in rental homes. 
  • The occupancy rate is about 67% which will be higher in the touring season. 

7. Gila

Gila is one of the prime counties of Arizona. It is the central part of the state and has a solid real estate market. Miami is a town in Gila and the Miami properties are of prime importance due to the high return on investment ratio. 

  • The median property rate in Gila is about $179,900.
  • The average rental income is about $1130.
  • The return on investment ratio is 3.3%. 
  • The occupancy rate is pretty good as it is somewhere around 73-79%. You will experience a sudden rise in occupancy rate when tourists visit this county.

Use AirDNA to Find Profitable Investment Properties in Arizona

Are you looking to invest in Arizona real estate but don’t know where to start? AirDNA can help. Our comprehensive rental data analysis provides valuable insights into the top places to rent in Arizona and the most profitable investment opportunities.

How to Choose the Best Airbnb Investment Properties in Arizona

Here are some ways AirDNA can help you find your next profitable investment property in Arizona:

  • Discover the top locations for short-term rental properties, including Airbnb and Vrbo listings
  • Get detailed information on rental rates, occupancy rates, and revenue potential
  • Analyze trends in the Arizona rental market to make informed investment decisions
  • Compare and contrast different neighborhoods and areas to find the best fit for your investment goals
  • Access data-driven reports and insights to help you make smart investment decisions

With AirDNA, you can be confident that you’re making an informed decision when it comes to investing in Arizona real estate. Sign up for AirDNA today and start finding your next profitable investment property.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, investing in Arizona real estate is a smart move for anyone looking for a profitable investment opportunity. With the help of AirDNA’s rental data analysis, you can make informed decisions about which properties to invest in and where to focus your efforts. By using AirDNA’s data-driven insights and expert advice, you can maximize your returns and find the most profitable investment properties in Arizona. So why wait?

Sign up for AirDNA today and start your journey towards real estate investment success in Arizona.


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