Everything You Need to Know About Hawaii Short Term Rental Market

Hawaii, worldwide known for its rich cuisines, is a popular state in the Western United States. From the electric industries to the rental market, Hawaii has countless opportunities for young entrepreneurs to grow their stature as successful leaders and businessmen. However, if you are looking for a short term investment, then nothing will be a better option than The Hawaii short term rental market.

Hawaii, the land of beaches, is also named one of the top states of the USA. From beautiful scenery to healthcare, everything present in Hawaii is just unmatchable. Similarly, the level of education and other facilities is also very high. However, these things cannot define how beneficial The Hawaii market could be. There are some specific reasons behind investing in real estate in Hawaii. Let’s explore these reasons.

Reasons Why Should You Invest In The Hawaii Short Term Rental Market?

Following are some of the key reasons that make The Hawaii short term rental market a suitable place for your investment and to earn huge seasonal profits. 

Steady Property Appreciation

Hawaii is a magical place that is attracting people towards it. Due to several other reasons along with tourism, The Hawaii market is pretty stable. If you exclude a few ups and downs that are associated with every business due to virtual, personal, or political reasons, you can say that the rental market in Dubai has never faced a downfall. It means you can invest there as investing in a steady market will always be beneficial for you.

US Rental Income Benefits

The next thing that allows you to grow your business is the benefit of rental income. As you all know Hawaii is a combination of different islands. And renting a house on islands outside the USA will involve a lot of legal activities and other tiring things. Therefore, people prefer to come to Hawaii and rent a home or private room on some of its islands, as it is pretty simple and easy there. So the benefit of easily renting a car on islands also makes The Hawaii short term rental market successful.

High No. of Tourists

Every year a lot of people visit Hawaii. People come to see this magical land that is doing its magic and grabbing their attention. They all will love to spend some time on its islands and will rent a home there. Therefore, The Hawaii market is best to invest in during the touring season. 

Rental Data Analysis of Some Top places in Hawaii

Knowing the reasons behind rental investment at a place will only persuade you to start investing there. However, rental data analysis of some top real estate markets will tell you what will be your true earning potential by investing in The Hawaii. So let’s move towards them. 

1. Honolulu

The capital of Hawaii is one of the best places in Hawaii to invest in real estate. We are not writing this without solid bases. Rental data analysis of Honolulu is proving this point true. So let’s have a look at it. 

  • The occupancy rate is about 82% which will be 90% during the touring season. 
  • Average daily rate is $211.
  • Rental demand is very high, about 84 percent.
  • 37 days on the market which make it perfect for short terms.
  • Traditional median property price is $894,400
  • Cash on cash return percentage is also very high, just about 9%.

2. Mountain View

Mountain View is one of the most visited places in Hawaii. Present on the big island, in the district of Puna, Mountain View is a suitable place to start a rental business. 

  • The occupancy rate is at a momentous 86 percent which will be even more in December, 93%.
  • Average daily rate in Mountain View is $123.
  • Rental demand is slightly higher than 86. 
  • 86 percent of total rental types are entire homes. 
  • 1 bedroom homes are in hot demand and the overall market is showing 24% quarterly growth. 

3. Aiea

It is a census-designated region in Honolulu, Hawaii. Aiea is a top real estate market in Hawaii rental business world. You can invest and earn big from this market.

  • The traditional median price in Aiea is about $756,200.
  • With an 81% occupancy rate, Aiea market is a suitable place for your investment.
  • Though there are only 20 active rentals, the market is still competitive.
  • 85 percent of rental demand is for entire homes comprising a single bedroom. 
  • Average per day rate is $210. 

4. Ainaloa

Located in district Puna, Ainaloa market could be beneficial for you during the months of high tourism. Rental data analysis of this place shows high cash-on-cash return and occupancy rate.

  • The median property price in Ainaloa is about $380K
  • The average occupancy rate is about 64 to 68 percent. But it will be much higher when visitors start arriving.
  • The price per square foot is just about $300. You will only experience a slight change in this process. 
  • The cash-to-cash return percentage is near 5, which is not bad at all.

5. Anahola

Anahola is probably one of the biggest places to invest in The Hawaii market. Rental data analysis of Anahola business shows some extraordinary stats.

  • The total occupancy rate is more than 80 percent. In months like April, it just reaches 90%.
  • Average daily rate is also higher than $400.
  • The median rental price is $3,590,000 and the price per square foot is $2.7k
  • Cash on cash return is 5.34 percent.
  • The average rental income is about $14,374.
  • 100 percent rental demand is for entire homes only.

6. Hawaii Kai

Hawaii Kai is the best place for investment in East Honolulu. It is one of the top visited places in Hawaii as it is home to the famous Hanauma Bay street park. Following are some stats about the rental market of this region.

  • The occupancy rate is just about 80 percent.
  • Average daily rental rate is between $260-300.
  • Rental demand is just above 64.
  • 90 percent of demand is for entire homes and the most preferred homes are those which contain 4 bedrooms.

7. Island of Hawaii

The Island of Hawaii is home to many rental markets such as Discover Harbour market.  It is also the biggest island in Hawaii with numerous volcanoes and a national park. Rental data analysis of this place shows how important it is in The Hawaii rental market.

  • Occupancy rate is 86%.
  • Average daily rate is $155 which usually doesn’t change throughout the year. 
  • The rental growth graph shows a 12% quarterly growth in this region. 
  • Rental demand for entire homes is above 90. 

Bottom Line

As promised, we have told you everything about investing in The Hawaii short term rental market. You just have to decide the right place and right time to invest. Going with high occupancy and profit ratio will do a good job. Make sure to invest a month or twice before the touring season, otherwise it will be hard for you to get any property.

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