How is Maine Short-Term Rental Market Ideal For Investment

Maine, the city of pines, is a hot spot for tourists, especially in summer. The reason is that it is fully loaded with mesmerizing sceneries of nature, a huge collection of stunning landscapes, peaceful beaches, thrilling mountain ranges, and historical sites to show the tourist’s old picture of the USA. Therefore, it attracts millions of tourists across the globe to spend perfect holidays with their friends or family. And they all ultimately need to rent a space including studios, homes, or family units. Therefore, the Maine short-term rental market is the hottest attraction for real estate investors.

Maine short-term rental is the hottest attraction for real estate investors due to the stable prices of rental properties that can adjust to all types of budgets. Maine is not up to the level of famous cities in America but it still manages to hold the title of vacationland. And increasing tourism popularity of this adorable piece of land plays a key role in the rapid evolution and strengthening of short-term rental. Therefore, concerned authorities are paying special attention to the marketing of tourism attractions in Maine. And real estate investors also found Maine rental investment is the appropriate way to get financial insurance. 

Running or establishing a real estate business in Maine short-term rental also requires some rules and regulations. It helps to manage the safety, security,  and health care of both the investors and the renters. All the rental home operators are bound to register with the city which costs a fee. However,  the rules and regulations vary from location to location and also cost different amounts of money as the registration fee, such as for non-owner-occupied investment property in Maine is allowed in Portland but not in south Portland. 

Data Analysis 

Doesn’t matter how strong the Maine market is, it’s crucial to check the market stability, people’s demands, and the price of investment property in Maine to ensure that it is affordable for your budget and interest or not. Going through the data analysis also provides you with a brief description of ongoing pricing, or renting trends of the market and estimated revenue growth. 

Total number of properties available for sale in Maine aris643 

  • $692,039 is the price for a median property. 
  • The average price is $306 per sq. ft. 
  • The daily rent is $240
  • It offers 1.03% cash on cash return 
  • Monthly rental income fluctuates from $1687 to $3964 concerning traditional and Airbnb 
  • The average occupancy rate is 58-65%
  • The Cap rate is 1.05% for traditional and 3.81% for Airbnb 

Best Places in Maine To Invest In 

Maine owns an extensive network of ideal locations for real estate investors to invest and hit record revenue growth. However, it’s crucial to keenly check the requirements, profitability,  cost, and profit ratio for making the right decision as to where or where not to invest. It also helps you to decide the right time to jump into the real estate business. 

Here are listed some major locations that are ideal to buy investment property in Maine. 

1. Portland 

This major city of Maine is of great importance for real estate investors. The reason is its strong economy, increasing tourism, and service sector. Therefore,  the Portland market is greatly attracting investors to buy rental properties. 

  • The average price for buying a property in Maine is $505,823 m
  • The average per day rent is $274
  • The estimated revenue is $4728
  • Good occupancy rate 79%
  • The number of active rentals is 898

2. Oakland 

Museum of Art, Waterville, and Quarry road trails are the main points of attraction for tourists in Oakland town of Kennebec county in the Maine state of the US that helps the Oakland to catch an exceptional number of renters. 

  • The average price for a median home in Oakland is $299,000
  • For a single day rent of $347
  • Revenue growth $344
  • The occupancy rate is 40%
  • Number of active rentals 679 

3. Oxford 

Top tourist attraction Oxford town is located in Oxford county,  Maine. And the Oxford is an ideal choice to invest in because this small town has an enormous beauty of lakes that greatly attract tourists. The numerical worth of this market is as follows 

  • The average price is $249,900. 
  • Per day rent for a median home is $352
  • Revenue generation $5,100
  • The occupancy rate is 79% 
  • Level of competition is 42 rentals  

4. California 

The California is exploding with opportunities for real estate investors because this small town holds a strong economy, affordable property prices, and a bunch of tourist attractions. 

  • Price per square foot is $499
  • Per day rent for an average home or unit is $326
  • Revenue $3960
  • It shows an occupancy rate of 79%

5. Madison 

The presence of manufacturing and pepper mills in this town of Somerset county in Maine state makes the Madison a perfect place to invest. 

  • Per day rent is $170
  • Revenue growth $2535
  • Occupancy 79%
  • Active rentals 18

6. Richmond 

The Richmond market is a popular choice to invest in the real estate business for financial freedom. It offers 

  • The average price for a median home is $269, 900.
  • Per day rent is $201
  • Estimated revenue of $2574
  • The occupancy rate is 68%
  • Number of rentals 1192

7. South Portland 

After Portland, the South Portland is the highly recommended location for real estate investors to reach the height of revenue growth. Its data analysis shows that 

  • The average selling price is $499K 
  • Annual rise up in price 13.7% 
  • Per day rent is $250
  • Profit value or revenue $4,336
  • Active rentals 104 
  • 90% occupancy rate  

What Makes the Maine Short-term Rental Market Ideal for Investors 

The Maine an emerging name in the real estate business of the USA. Some major reasons that enforce real estate investors to invest in rental properties in Maine are listed here 

1. Ideal and Safe For Families 

The Maine short-term rental market is the most reliable choice for real estate entrepreneurs because it is one of the safest states in the USA. The reason is that in this state of pine trees the crime rate is very low which is negligible or zero. Moreover, the great sense of community makes it a perfect place for families’ hassle-free stay. Therefore the demand for rental houses is incredible and worth investing in the Maine rental market.  

2. Cost Effective 

Every owner or real estate agent’s priority is to gain maximum revenue by small and safe investing. And the Maine rental provides the investors with these factors in plenty. It offers ideal locations with a great variety of prices for all types of investors from millionaires to economy class. So that lower-level investors can also buy or invest in rental properties in Maine. 

3. Tourist Hub 

Maine is an ideal state of America for tourists to spend their vacation in a peaceful corner of the world surrounded by natural art, mesmerizing beaches, mountains, and parks. Moreover,  it also provides visitors with one of the largest hiking tracks. And most tourists demand rental units or studios for a stay which boosts the Maine short-term rental market. And make it an ideal choice to invest and earn desired revenue. 


The Maine short-term rental is a multitude of opportunities for real estate investors to expand their business, boost their revenue,  and add more money to their savings accounts. All the above-mentioned points are valid enough to conclude the reason for investing in rental properties in Maine. What are you waiting for? buy rental properties in the Maine today and get a chance to play like a pro at the crease of the real estate business for earning record-breaking revenue.

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Are short term vacation rentals profitable in Maine?

Yes, short term vacation rentals can be very profitable. It started as a side gig for some landlords and families with vacation homes.

How much can you make on Airbnb in Maine?

About 6,000 Airbnb hosts in Maine had guests in their rental properties, and the state had welcomed nearly 251,000 Airbnb guests (which is an increase of about 83,000 in 2022)

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