Maryland Short Term Rental Market and Benefits It Offers to Investors: A Complete Guide

Maryland or Ocean City is ranked in the top 10 wealthiest and most attractive places in the USA. The main reason is a natural beauty, peace, amazing pieces of architectural art, and the advancement in job opportunities. Whether it’s technical industry or trading, health care, or Maryland short term rental market, all the fields play a significant role in providing people a lot of opportunities in the business world to grow and retain a durable path for financial growth. Therefore, it is an ideal location in America for real estate investors.


The rental market in maryland is making continuous and steady growth in the real estate business world because of the demand for rental houses. The major driving force behind the popularity of rental houses is the financial challenges to own a house in such a luxurious state. Moreover, millions of people travel to Maryland from across the world each year just to witness its mesmerizing beauty and thrilling activities. And they all prefer to rent a house instead of staying in hotels because of the spacing, comfort, and freedom of interacting with their neighbors. 

Why It Worth Invest In Maryland Short-term Rental 

Maryland rental ultimate choice of real estate owners because of multiple reasons. Some major reasons are listed here. 

  • Location: Maryland is situated at an ideal location that is very close to famous Washington, DC. And provides easy road access to it and other urban areas. Therefore,  people prefer renting a house or vacation home for enjoyment with friends or family at home comfort level. 
  • Economy: The stable and strong economy of Maryland enables it to stand out from the competition and occupy a place in the list of the top 10 most stable and wealthiest states of America. Various industries and educational institutions provide a lot of job opportunities which also add to its economy that attract investors to invest in the Maryland short-term rental market.

Therefore, anyone can afford to buy properties in Maryland under any budget. However, some areas are extremely expensive. But they also ensure amazing revenue generations according to the type or location of the property.

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Data Analysis 

Undoubtedly, the Maryland investment is an excellent choice for investors to gain long-term. Profits. However, it’s crucial to analyze the current situation, population, and rental growth of the marketplace. Some important figures about this mesmerizing city and its rental growth are listed here,

  • The total population is about 6 million 
  • Annual population growth is 0.60% 
  • A median house cost $173,610.
  • The average price per square foot is $184 
  • Average revenue  growth for each year is approximately $125,930 
  • The estimated household income is about $ 70,000
  • Property prices surprisingly reduced by -0.81% annually.
  • The annual increase in rents is 2.71% 

Best Places To Invest In 

Maryland is home to opportunities and choices for real estate investors to explore the route map to financial freedom. Its extremely diverse market offers great fluctuations in property prices so that all budgets can afford it. Some major places in Maryland, that are worth buying rental properties  are:

1. Baltimore 

If you are looking for an ideal approach to invest in buying properties or flipping houses then Baltimore is a perfect delight for you. However, the market is massively crowded with rentals that force you to think twice before investing and make a decision that can be worth your investment. 

  • An average median house requires $245,000 to buy it 
  • The average rent for one month is $1000.
  • Total renters are 78% 
  • The daily rent is $162 
  • Revenue generation is $1.4-2.6K 
  • The occupancy rate is normal that is 64% 
  • Competition is very tough, that is 1532 rentals. 

It also faces tough competition with Long Beach rental. 

2. Frederick 

Frederick is the second biggest city in Maryland that is home to more than 3500 businesses. Therefore it attracts millions of people each year which results in the growth of the Frederick as all of these people require rental homes to stay in. 

  • The average price for a median home in Frederick is $250,000 
  • Per month rent for a median home is $1300 
  • Per day rent is about $169 
  • Revenue generation is $2.4-3K 
  • The occupancy rate is good at 69%

3. Pasadena 

Pasadena is highly expansive but it also generates maximum revenue. And due to higher prices, the competition level here is low and new investors can easily find renters for their vacation homes or rental properties. 

Some careful analyses about Pasadena are:

  • Per day rent for average homes is $327
  • Revenue generation for each median house in 30 days is $5-6.8K 
  • The occupancy rate of 83% is very surprising.
  • Rental Demand is 55%
  • Active reals are just 33. 

4. California 

The California market is an ideal location for people who are new to the real estate business because of the lower competition rate and affordable prices. Numerical analysis for this small town in Maryland is 

  • The average price for 1 bedroom unit is $1361 
  •  Per day rent is $129 
  • Average revenue generation is $2.4-3.8K 
  • Exceptional Occupancy rate 65%
  • The competition level is low that is 14 active rentals only 
  • Demand for rental houses is 92% 

5. Annapolis 

It is the Capital of Maryland. And famous for its historical attractions for tourists. Therefore people prefer to rent homes in the Annapolis market to enjoy the comfort and luxury of these costly apartments. 

  • The average rent is $406 per day 
  • Revenue growth is $5-6.5K 
  • Stable occupancy rate that is 67% 
  • The competition level is 637 active rentals 
  • Rental homes demand is 80%

6. Berlin 

This small town in US county Maryland is a commercial district that offers a lot of opportunities to invest in the Berlin 

  • Rental demand is 52% 
  • The average rent is $258 per day 
  • Revenue generation is $3.3K 
  • The number of active rentals is 341, which is normal competition. 
  • Higher occupancy rates such as 72% 

7. Oakland 

Oakland offers the following prices and rents.

  • Daily rents are higher is $347 
  • Exceptional revenue generation that is $3.4K 
  • The occupancy rate is less than 50% ~40.
  • The number of rentals is 679.
  • Rental demand is 34% 

Benefits it Offers 

Maryland is a booster dose for real estate investors to increase their income and generate a source of passive income. Some other benefits  are:

  • Passive Income: regardless of the type of job or business, uncertainties are a part of our life. And no one can predict what will happen. One can at any time lose a job or face a huge loss in business. Therefore, often people also prefer to run a side business to ensure an alternative source of income. And investment property for sale in maryland is an ideal platform to establish your own business with your desired budget. It helps to gain consistent passive economic growth. 
  • Stress Releasing Investment: earning more and profits is one of the biggest challenges for real estate entrepreneurs. Investing in Maryland short-term rental is a stress-free investment that allows the investors to earn more profit.  
  • Opportunity to Join Hands With Famous Names of Real Estate Investors: Maryland short-term rental is a rapidly evolving and relatively more expansive market than other locations in the USA. Therefore it is home for Landlords and millionaires to invest in. And also provide some low-value properties that provide the average investors with a golden opportunity to collaborate with famous names in the real estate business. 

Wrap Up 

The Maryland short-term rental market, with a stable economy, higher rental prices, and a diverse market, is one of the most competitive states in America in the real estate business. It offers a great choice selection for property prices according to the location, home type, and time of investment. Therefore, make sure to discuss with professional real estate agents and analyze the basic principles of buying rental property in the Maryland short term rental market to establish a passive source of income and savings.

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