Massachusetts Investment Properties: A Comprehensive Guide

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Not only for the tourists, but it also holds a lot in its lap for entrepreneurs especially real estate investors. The reason is the investment properties in massachusetts that offers an extremely diverse market for all types of investors. And rapidly evolving historical, scientific, and commercial markets. Visitors often choose to rent a studio or house for spending their vacations with more comfort and relaxation like at home. Therefore, the occupancy rate of Massachusetts short term rental properties is amazing which ensures the investor’s maximum revenue growth.  

Reasons to Invest in Massachusetts Properties

This historical piece of land surrounded by mountains and beaches is a gateway to get entrance into the emerging market of Massachusetts short term rental. Behind the rapid growth and advancement of this market, there is a multitude of valid reasons that force the visitors to make investment properties in massachusetts. Some of these reasons are listed here:

  • Massachusetts holds the title of a global trading leader because of its extensive education system, advancement in biotechnology, and diversity of Massachusetts short-term rental property prices. More than 70% of students, researchers, and visitors required a rental home or unit close to their work location to stay instead of hotels. 
  • Massachusetts has a very strong and stable economy. 
  • It has something for all types of investors to offer. And provides the investors with a wide range of prices for investment property in Massachusetts that can fit into everyone’s budget and requirements. 

For more elaboration, some numerical values for Massachusetts short-term rental are listed here 

  • Massachusetts’s population of 17 million 
  • Annual population growth is 0.61%
  • The increase in job opportunities is 4% 
  • The median homes price in Massachusetts is $366,800 
  • The annual increase in property values was 0.46% 
  • The annual increase in rents was 2.42%
  • The monthly rent for a median home is $1021 
  • Revenue generation $4k-6k 
  • The occupancy rate varies from 75% to 80% according to location 

Best Places for Investment Properties in Massachusetts: How AirDNA Will Help 

The Massachusetts short term rental market is highly diversified and offers a bunch of ideal locations to invest in and earn exceptional revenue growth. Some of the top locations for real estate investors are:

1. Taunton 

Taunton is an ideal location for investment in properties to compete with the strong competition in Massachusetts short term rental market. The reason is that it offers strong rental rates and an exceptional number of leads for each rental property. Therefore, it ranked on top, when it comes to choosing an ideal location for investing in Massachusetts short term rental

  • The population growth of Massachusetts is 0.6% 
  • An increase in the employment rate is 1% 
  • Price  for median home $295K only 
  • Annual rice in property values 2.0% only 
  • The average rent for a median home is $1418
  • Leads generation for each property 329 
  • Revenue generation $1.5-3.2K 
  • The occupancy rate is 76% which is highly compatible.  

2. Cambridge, MA 

Cambridge is the second best choice to invest in rental properties. The reason is that it is located very close to famous cities and states of America. Therefore, it also faces tough competition with Dover short-term rental. However, it still manages to gain maximum leads per property. The reason is that it is home to famous educational institutes and enriched with transport routes for easy access to any location in and out of the city. 

  • Population growth of Cambridge is 0.5-0.6% annual. 
  • An annual increase in employment opportunities is 1.8-3.5%
  • The median home price is $1275 per square foot 
  • The average per day rent is $274
  • Cash on cash return is good that is 0.93-2.67%
  • Revenue generation is $2.6-3.5k 

The occupancy rate is 74% which is competent for the Oxford. The reason is that both are considered academic towns for their states and welcome millions of people across the globe that require a rental home for a temporary stay. 

3. Worcester

This beautiful city is the heart of Massachusetts and provides unlimited opportunities for visitors to explore the amazing parks, natural aroma or beauty of beaches, and hidden secrets of mountains. It is also a gateway for historical, cultural, and advanced education systems. Regardless of the purpose, all the visitors need to rent a place to stay. Therefore, Worcester is a hotspot for real estate investors. When looking from an economic perspective it shows the following results  

  • 0.4% increase in annual population growth 
  • About 1% employment rate each year. 
  • The massive increase in the price of properties is 8.5% per year.
  • The average price for rental properties or homes is $252k 
  • The average rent for a median home is $1306K 
  • The maximum number of leads per property is 80-85 
  • Revenue generation $1.5k-2.8K 

And 65% occupancy rate due to which Arlington market gives it a tough time because this famous city is present very close to Worcester.

4. Brookline 

Brookline market provides the opportunity to gain maximum revenue with an average investment of time and money. Therefore, it ranked in the top 10 ideal locations of Massachusetts short-term rental investment with a grade of B+.

Numerical calculations are 

  • Population growth 0.6% annual 
  • New job opportunities 0.5-0.8%
  • The annual increase in property values is 5.0-8% 
  • The average price  of the median property is $480-550 
  • The average per day rent is $234 
  • Revenue generation is $4.5K 
  • An incredible occupancy rate that is 81%

5. Nantucket

Surrounded by natural beauty this mesmerizing corner of Massachusetts is an ideal place not only for visitors but also for real estate investors. The reason is that tourists come in massive crowds to explore this beautiful piece of land and prefer to stay in rental homes or family units for more space and comfort. Therefore, Nantucket is the ultimate choice for investors to invest in. 

  • The annual increase in property values is around about 4%
  • The average price for a median home is relatively higher starting from $550
  • Per day rent for an average home in Nantucket is $929 
  • The average revenue generation is $11k 
  • And 77% Occupancy rate.

6. Boston

Boston is an open window for investors to jump into the luxurious world of the real estate business. The reason is that it is one of the most expensive markets for Massachusetts short-term rental. However, investors consider it worth it due to exceptional revenue growth.

  • Boston cost $852,782 for the median property 
  • The average rent for 24 hours is $248 
  • The Cap rate varies between 0.92- 1.52%
  • Average revenue generation is $4-6.5k 
  • It shows a 77% occupancy rate that is competent 

7. Quincy 

The city of the president is famous from a historical point of view because it is the birthplace of the president. Moreover, the property prices are a bit more stable than other properties in the Massachusetts market. Therefore, it grabs the attention of real estate investors to a large extent. 

Data analysis for Massachusetts short-term rental market in Quincy is listed below.

  • The annual increase in population growth is 0.5% 
  • The annual job opportunities per year are 2% 
  • Property values increase by 5.5% each year. 
  • The average price of a median home is $460 which helps the investors to earn 
  • $2083 rental price monthly 
  • About 129 persons approach each rental property for the deal 
  • It ensures 0.90-2.5% cash on cash return. 
  • And the occupancy rate is 70% which is great. 

Investing in real estate can be a lucrative way to build wealth, and Massachusetts is a popular destination for real estate investors. With its strong economy, high demand for rentals, and diverse range of properties, Massachusetts offers a wealth of investment opportunities for those looking to enter the market.

However, finding the right investment property in Massachusetts can be a challenge. That’s where AirDNA comes in. AirDNA is a powerful tool that provides real estate investors with comprehensive data and insights to help them make informed decisions.

One of the key features of AirDNA is its ability to analyze short-term rental data. This is particularly valuable for investors looking to purchase properties in areas popular with tourists, such as Boston, Cape Cod, or Martha’s Vineyard. With AirDNA, investors can access detailed information on rental rates, occupancy rates, and average daily rates in these areas, allowing them to make informed decisions about their investment strategy.

AirDNA can also provide investors with data on long-term rental properties, such as apartments or multi-family homes. By analyzing data on rental rates, vacancy rates, and other factors, investors can determine which areas are likely to offer the best returns on their investment.

In addition to its data analysis capabilities, AirDNA also offers a range of other tools and resources for real estate investors. These include customizable reports, market trends analysis, and access to a network of experienced real estate professionals.

Investing in real estate in Massachusetts can be a smart way to build wealth, but it’s important to have the right tools and resources to help you make informed decisions. With AirDNA, investors can access the data and insights they need to succeed in the competitive Massachusetts real estate market.

Final Verdict 

Massachusetts short-term rental is a golden opportunity for investors who are looking for an ideal location to invest in and double their financial health. The reason is that this glamorous state of America is enriched with a natural aura, a diverse network of real estate markets, an advanced education system, and breathtaking tourist attractions. Therefore, it is worth investing in the Massachusetts investment Properties and exploring a new era of success.


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How Massachusetts Market is a professional, high-end and majorly-residential market, best for investors.

The Massachusetts short-term rental market is among the strongest in the country, with well-established and increasingly popular accommodations. The state offers a number of unique benefits for investors, including a strong infrastructure and thriving economy. In addition to the long list of positives above, Massachusetts has been experiencing rapid growth in online booking platforms that offer easier ways for landlords to rent their properties out short-term.

We can see that renters are paying between $210 and $3020 a month

By looking at averages, we can see that renters are paying between $210 and $3020 a month. The reason for that is because the rental rates in Massachusetts are not exceptionally high and the rental demand is strong. Since we have a flexible market and low supply of apartments, rents should be stable, which decreases risk for investors who purchase property in the short-term rental market.

Why Invest in Massachusetts???

The Massachusetts short-term rental market is ideal for buyers with an eye for cash flow and a long-term investment strategy. The state’s affordable housing crisis has created a fast-growing rental industry, and the Massachusetts law governing short-term rentals is among the most lenient in the country. Investors in these properties can expect to reap impressive yields when they sell.

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