Top Places to Consider If You Want to Invest in Tennessee Short-Term Rental Market

The world is rapidly evolving into a digitized, modern, and luxurious world. And to compete with this advancement in life everyone is striving for earning more and more money. Therefore, often people desire to run a side business with their regular business or job to earn extra cash. However, it’s quite hard to manage dual businesses or jobs at a time. But investing in the Tennessee short term rental market can help you to earn passive income without going through the stress or pain of managing a dual job. 

Investing in the real estate business is one of the ideal choices to go fast and stay competitive with the evolutionary trends of living. And the Tennessee rental market is providing this opportunity. This ideal place of living provides investors with a wide range of investment property in Tennessee at a reasonable price. Moreover,  the geographical location of this state makes it more valuable for running a real estate business. 

*Guide On the USA Vacation Rental Data Analysis: Vacation rental data analysis

Tennessee is one of the most amazing states in the USA. And it is home to many interesting things including cotton candy, the oldest radio show, branded whisky, and a huge collection of music. Therefore, it takes a separate corner in the hearts of tourists and they come in millions to explore the beauty of this historic state. It results in the increasing demand for rental homes that ultimately boosts the Tennessee real estate market.

In addition,  it also provides a gateway to higher education and various business opportunities for almost all types of investors or entrepreneurs. Therefore, real estate investors find the Tennessee rental investment an ultimate solution to their financial problems. 

Tennessee provides people with a lower cost of living as compared to the other states of the USA. However,  the increasing population and property prices make it difficult to own a home which results in more need for rental homes. It makes the investment properties for sale in tennessee market an appropriate choice for investors to invest and earn maximum driving for their rental properties. The property prices are higher but lower-cost properties are also available in various areas of the Tennessee market that provide exceptional cash-on-cash returns and help investors to make steady and smooth growth. 

Data Analysis 

Before investing in the Tennessee Properties, searching for basic information such as population growth, the current situation of the market, profitability, and the competition level is crucial to never go wrong with real estate investment. 

Numerical values for the airbnb nashville tennessee market analysis are given below. 

  • Population growth is 1.5% 
  • The median property value is $ 164,500
  • The annual increase in property values is 8%
  • The cost of living is 12.4 lower 
  • The average rent is $100-400
  • The average revenue is $ 1.5-4.5K 
  • The average occupancy rate is 70& 
  • Renters 28% of the total population 

Best Places to Invest in The Tennessee Market 

The first and most important step for investing in the Tennessee is to find a location that can work as a magnetic field for customers. It’s a time-consuming and a bit hectic job, but the property advisor, investment guide, and digital tools can help you to go stress-free.


Here are the top places in the Tennessee

1. Nashville 

Nashville is the capital of Tennessee state in the USA and serves as a historical site of the state. It is the music hub of the state and home to various famous, traditional, and religious music. Therefore it is a tourism hotspot and also attracts historical explorers in huge numbers. From this perspective, the rental demands are quite higher in this city than in other areas of the Tennessee rental market. and the rents are also higher which results in more cash return on investment. Therefore, the Nashville market is an ideal place to invest in. 

  • The median property price is $ 460,447
  • The average rent is $ 309
  • The average revenue is $ 4,836
  • The occupancy rate is 65
  • Total rentals are 7346

2. Philadelphia 

This city of Loudon county in Tennessee is home to sports, art, and traditional values. And the mega events of the Golf league, 3 generations art studio, and bike sale also take place in this city. Therefore millions of people travel to this corner and rent vacation homes for a temporary stay. This factor makes the Philadelphia rental property investment a reliable choice for investment. 

  • The median property value is $ 252,000
  • The average rent is 97
  • The average revenue is $1,313
  • The occupancy rate is 58%
  • Active rentals are 5

3. Paris 

This famous city holds the county seat of Henry County and is one of the favorite places for tourists. The reason is the presence of the world’s biggest ” Fish fry” and the replica of the original “Eiffel tower”. Therefore the Paris is on top of the list of the ideal places for investment in rental properties. 

  • The median home price is $ 225K
  • The average rent is $ 94
  • The revenue growth is $ 1,233
  • The occupancy rate is 56%
  • Active rentals are 21

4. Portland

The city of agricultural lands, Portland is also known for its wildlife and romantic weather. Moreover, important meetings of the state are also held In this city which adds to the value of the rental homes. And boost the Investment properties in Portland for sale

  • The median home value is $ 319,265
  • Overnight rent is $ 152
  • The revenue is $ 3,182
  • The occupancy rate is 78%
  • Active rentals are 12

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market minder property analysis

5. Charleston 

Charleston or the “The Church of God” is a famous city in Bradley county. It was considered the religious land for Christians because of the presence of the international headquarter of the Christian denomination. Therefore, real estate investors always prefer to choose the Charleston rental market to buy rental homes and earn extra cash. 

  • The median home price is $ 332,593
  • The average rent is $ 174
  • The revenue income is $ 3,210
  • The occupancy rate is 73%
  • Active rentals are 12-15

6. Charlotte 

It is a small but interesting town in Dickson County. It’s a quiet, and peaceful corner that appeals to thousands of visitors to spend their vacations away from the stress of city life. And provides numerous historical events to enjoy. Therefore the Charlotte market is considered one of the best places for real estate investors. 

  • The median property price is $ 334.9K 
  • The average rent is $ 170
  • The revenue growth is $ 1,836
  • The occupancy rate  is 53%
  • Active rentals are 10 

7. Cleveland 

Cleveland is the famous and largest city in Bradley County which is famous for being the headquarter of Cherokee National Forest, a famous tourist destination. Therefore the Cleveland is the best place for real estate investors. 

  • The median property price is $ 270,695 
  • The rent for 24 hours is $ 131
  • The revenue generation is $ 2,105
  • The occupancy rate is 67%
  • Active rentals are 119


For real estate investors, the Tennessee investment properties market is providing the opportunity to enter into the world of real estate business with a small investment. However, the selection of an ideal place to start is crucial. It’s quite a tough task but don’t fret, the consideration of the above-mentioned places with their important numeric values can help you to select an ideal place for investing in the Tennessee short term rental market and earn a maximum profit on your investment. 

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