Top Reasons For the Success of The Delaware Short Term Rental Market

The state of natural beauty, Delaware is one of the most visited places in the USA. The reason is that it is surrounded by mesmerizing beaches, stunning landscapes, and historical pieces of art. Moreover, the Delaware short term rental market provides visitors with a wide range of choices for a comfortable stay. The reason is that it provides vacation rental homes at reasonable rents with the freedom of interaction with other visitors. Therefore, this small and peaceful state is a top attraction for tourists to visit and stay for their vacations. 

Among all the real estate markets in the USA, the Delaware is a hot choice for investors. The reason is visitors choose to stay near the areas close to tourist attractions but in a peaceful and healthy environment. And the presence of beaches makes this state a perfect fit for adventure and thrill seekers because they can enjoy unlimited activities at the beach and can also experience quad biking like a pro along the coastline. 

However, the presence of tourist attractions is not the only reason for the Delaware short term rental investment. A strong economy, population growth, and job opportunities also add to the value of the Delaware market. Despite the damages of the pandemic the rental market of Delaware keeps growing because most people shifted to rental homes. Profitability and competition level are other aspects to consider while looking for investment property in Delaware.

Investing in the Delaware generates a passive source of income but also adds to the cost values in terms of taxes. However, registering with the tax authorities helps your market earn credibility. There are often two types of taxes that real estate investors have to pay. One is the income tax that is paid by investors to the federal government every month and the other is the loading tax that is added to the rental bills. However, investors are responsible for both types of taxes to pay the government. 

Ideal Locations for Investing in the Delaware Rental Market 

One of the most important things to consider before investing in the Delaware is to find a property or a location that can align with your goals, and budget. And also attract a massive crowd of rentals. Luckily, the price of rental properties in Delaware greatly fluctuates from location to location and the home condition. Therefore, the Delaware offers a bunch of locations for almost all types of investors concerning the budget. 

Here are the top places that you can consider for investing in or buying rental properties. 

1. Dover 

This small city with a pleasant atmosphere is the capital of Delaware. Due to the stable economy and plenty of historical sites, the Dover is of great importance for real estate investors. It shows the following data analysis. 

  • The median home price is $ 351,162
  • The average rent is $ 197 
  • The revenue growth of $ 2692
  • Cash on cash return is 4.52% 
  • The occupancy rate is 56%
  • Number of active rentals 67

2. Wilmington 

Wilmington holds the title of the largest city in Delaware state of the USA. This beautiful city is a top attraction for tourists, and investors due to the presence of luxury restaurants, theme parks, museums, and historical sites. Therefore, the Wilmington is an opportunity hub for real estate investors. 

  • Median Property Price is $425,625
  • The Average Price per Square Foot is $2
  • The monthly Rental Income is $3,312
  • The  Cash on Cash Return is 5.31%
  • The average rent is $125
  • The Occupancy Rate is  64%

3. Georgetown 

Away from the hustle and bustle of city life this peaceful corner provides the visitors with real means of comfort, luxury, and relaxation. And the presence of historical museums is the key factor in this city attracting more tourists and enhancing the growth of the Georgetown market. 

  • Median Property Price is $558,900
  • The Average Price per Square Foot is $276
  • Cash on Cash Return is 4.36%
  • The average rent is $236
  • The Occupancy Rate is  45%

4. Milton 

This incredibly awesome town is famous around the world for the presence of the “Governor’s house” and tourists love to rent a home in the  Milton for a comfortable environment. 

  • Median Property Price is $609,526
  • The Average Price per Square Foot is $346
  • Rental Income is  $4,129
  • Cash on Cash Return is  5.02%
  • The Daily Rent is $253
  • The Occupancy Rate: 62%

5. Arden 

Located in the New Castle County of Delaware state in the USA, this historical village holds every type of beauty in it from modern amenities to historical pieces of art. This beautiful village exhibits the historical perspectives of Delaware since the 1900s. Therefore visitors reach this small village in massive crowds to explore hidden stories of the USA. And the maximum number of visitors ultimately results in a higher demand for rental homes. Due to this reason real estate investors prefer the Arden market for buying rental homes and earning maximum revenue. 

6. Houston 

The Houston is rapidly growing due to booming tourism. 

  • The average rent is $ 200
  • The revenue growth is $ 1000
  • The occupancy rate is 19%
  • Active rentals only 5 

7. Wyoming 

This small town of Kent Count in Delaware is a perfect corner for privacy and peace seekers. The ideal location of the Wyoming market adds to its value because it is very close to famous cities like Dover, Milton, and other areas. 

The existence of beautiful beaches, lakes, and parks makes it more attractive for tourists. And it also provides affordable rental homes to real estate investors. 

Reasons For Success 

There are multiple reasons behind the incredible success story of the Delaware short term rental market including the economy, location, and occupancy rate. Some major reasons are briefly described below. 

Strong Economy 

The economic condition plays a major role in the up and downfall of any market of the state.  The presence of tourism attractions, industries, and agriculture advancement greatly contribute to the stabilization of the Delaware economy. Therefore, more visitors attract to the Delaware which helps it to grow smoothly. 

Massive Tourism 

Delaware is a small state in the USA, enriched with amazing landscapes of nature, cinematic views, adventurous spots, and stunning beaches. Therefore, tourists must visit this place during vacations and prefer to rent homes for their stay. This rapid increase in tourism ultimately strengthened the Delaware market.

Ideal Location 

The location of the Delaware market also plays a major role in its success. There are many tourist sites present in and around the state. Moreover, it is close to various major cities that are easily accessible. Therefore the Delaware is a warranty of success for real estate investors.  

Increasing Demand For Rental Homes 

Affordable living and the peaceful environment of Delaware make it a perfect place for renting a home. Moreover, the higher prices of the properties also limit the number of people who own a place. Therefore, most people prefer to rent homes, which results in an increasing demand for vacation rental homes and the success of the Delaware market


Regardless of the location the Delaware is an ultimate source of passive income and owning a spare property. However, the rate of success and income depends on the amount you want to invest in the Delaware and your experience in the real estate business. Therefore, make sure to have a particular amount of money, enough information about various aspects of the real estate business, and digital tools to locate the perfect location to invest in the Delaware short term rental market.

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