Where to Invest in Georgia Short-Term Rental Market

Georgia, the balcony of Europe is an amazing estate of the USA, enriched with architectural, historical,  and natural places to fascinate the visitors. Mountains, beaches, peach gardens, parks, and the glamor of the modern era make it a perfect tourism hub for all types of tourists. A rapidly evolving real estate market transforms the Georgia short term rental market into an ideal choice for investors to buy rental properties at reasonable prices. 

This peach city is an ideal location for both visitors and investors. Its moderate temperature, family-friendly environment, and amazing mashup of peace with advancement make it a tourist’s heaven. And almost all types of tourists prefer to stay in rental or vacation rental homes for getting the comfort of home, privacy, and wide spacing. Therefore, the housing rental market in georgia is blooming with every passing day. And providing the real estate investors with a golden opportunity to determine the route map for achieving their goals.  

Where to Invest In 

Where to invest in the Georgiais the most buzzing question in the real estate world of the USA. 

Georgia is enriched with natural beauty, as well as advanced technology in construction. Therefore, tourists desire to explore every corner of this beautiful state. Moreover, the peace of the city also provides the unique combo of a peaceful and luxurious environment that is the ultimate choice of every tourist for spending vacations. So, almost all cities, counties, and towns of this famous tourist state of America are a perfect fit for finding the best investment property in Georgia

One of the major factors to consider while planning to buy a rental property is to look for its geographic location. Make sure the area you are selecting for the Georgia is situated in the heart of the city and facilitates the visitors to easily reach any destination. In simple words, always prefer the market that is close to the transportation routes, famous tourist destinations, and the major neighboring cities. 

Not only the location but the budget, profitability,  and customer requirements also play a crucial role in the success of a real estate business. The best point of selecting the Georgia market is that it provides investors with a wide range of rental homes under an affordable budget. Therefore,  investors have the opportunity to start from a lower investment and then expand it. However,  it’s quite hard to find a place or rental property in the Georgia with all the desired features and budget range. But the use of modern technology can help you with this task and can save you precious time. 

Top Places to Invest in The Georgia short term Rental Market 

Georgia is a tourist hub with a strong economy, exceptional job opportunities, and ideal locations for real estate investors to enter into the rapidly evolving Georgia short term rental market

For the ease of investors, we enlisted here some of the top locations for buying rental homes or properties and making smooth growth. 

1. Atlanta 

With an incredible transportation system and trade principles, Atlanta is one of the famous tourist attractions and a hotspot for investors to join hands with one of the rapidly growing zones of the Georgia

This amazing location is home to a dynamic metropolis with 20 counties. Tourism in Atlanta has made exceptional growth in the last few years because of its natural peace and unlimited opportunities to do action-packed activities with unlimited fun and reveal the hidden secrets of this glamorous land. 

Keeping in mind all the above-mentioned features, the Atlanta is a never missed opportunity for investors to spend their money in the right direction. From numerical analysis, this market offers the investors, 

  • The median property price is $577,226
  • The average price per sq. ft. is $396.8
  • The average rent is $172
  • The Revenue generation is $ 2132.19
  • The Occupancy rate is 42%
  • Cash on cash return 0.71%

2. Savannah 

It is one of the most beautiful, historic, and mesmerizing cities that strengthen the Georgia. The reason is that it provides visitors with countless opportunities to explore the USA from a traditional and cultural perspective. Therefore,  millions of tourists travel to this historic corner of Georgia to nourish their souls with music, thrill,  and adventurous activities. And 85% of them prefer rental homes to stay in, making the Savannah a reliable choice for the tourists to invest. 

Data analysis is described below 

  • The price for a median home is $ 643,778
  • Per square foot price of the median property is $ 279.8
  • Per day rent is $ 188
  • Revenue growth or income $ 4225.86 
  • The occupancy rate fluctuates between 65-69% 
  • Cash on cash return 5.08% 

3. Dallas 

This historical city of Georgia is present near the Atlanta metro and holds all the famous battle points of the USA in its lap. Moreover, it provides the visitors with a friendly environment with a 73% likeability score. Therefore,  considering the Dallas for investment is always an economic, and wise decision that can help you to explore a new era of success. 

The Georgia short term rental market of Dallas offers the visitors 

  • Median property value is $ 370,758
  • Average rent is $ 161
  • Revenue generation is $ 2,289
  • Occupancy rate is 67%
  • Active rentals 64

4. Boston 

Boston is the smallest town in Thomas county of Georgia that is the best excursion place for history seekers and reading lovers because of the presence of a library. Based on data analysis, the Boston is the ultimate choice of investors. 

  • The median home price is $ 182,780
  • The average per day rent is $ 540
  • The growth of revenue is $ 34,078 annual 
  • The occupancy rate is 80% 

5. Nashville 

The city of Dogwoods, Nashville is one of the safest zones of Georgia for families to stay in because of the good quality services and lower crime rate. Due to this factor, the Nashville market is the priority for investors 

  • The median home price is $ 142,194
  • The average per day rent is $ 450
  • Revenue growth is $ 38,309 annual 
  • The occupancy rate is 47.3%

6. Hoboken 

The Hoboken is one of the best locations to buy rental properties because it is situated in Brantley county of Georgia which is very close to the metropolitan station. 

  • The median home price in Hoboken is $ 242,000
  • The average rent is $ 669
  • The growth of revenue of $ 40,000
  • The occupancy rate is 74.5%
  • Active Rentals 12

7. Berlin 

Berlin city of Georgia is famous for pulling a massive crowd of tourists because it hosts multiple events including cultural shows, music concerts, traditional events,  and many more to amuse visitors. And often tourists prefer to rent a home in the nearest location to Berlin, Georgia. From this perspective, the Berlin is a perfect way to go with the real estate business. 

  • The median home price is $ 68,400
  • The average rent is $ 697
  • The expected revenue is $ 51,712 annual 
  • The occupancy rate is 49 %


Georgia, the cultural, and history-rich state of America, is home to the real estate business because of the rapidly growing tourism, and exceptional stability of the economy. Moreover, the prices of rental properties in the Georgia markets are very reasonable and can suit anyone’s budget. However,  the profitability of the investment depends on your choice of time and area. Therefore, make sure to consider the above-mentioned places before starting with the Georgia short term rental market. It will help you take a wise decision according to your budget and revenue goals

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