Why Should You Invest In the Virginia Short Term Rental Market

For real estate investors who are looking for an ideal location with an affordable budget to virginia beach rental properties, Virginia is always the right choice. The reason is that this is an incredibly awesome state of the USA that ranked in the top 10 most livable states. And provides the visitors with an unlimited approach to witnessing natural beauty, exploring the famous national park, and relaxing at the bank of amazingly peaceful lakes. 

Investing in the Virginia market is a golden opportunity for investors because of the incredible economic growth and booming tourism. Moreover, Virginia provides a high-standard education system and thousands of students travel to this educated state from across the world to enroll in the famous Virginia University. And most students prefer rental homes over hostels to save money and enjoy a life free from the strict rules or regulations of the boarding house. All these are good signs for the Virginia short term rental investment

The major problem that real estate investors face is their budget limitations and rapidly increasing values of investment property in Virginia. However,  the great fluctuation in property prices concerning location, demand, and market trends is the key factor that drives real estate investors to invest in the Virginia market. 

Many locations are present in the state that have a wide collection of rental homes with affordable price tags. However, exploring low-budget housing properties in good condition is a hectic job. But the use of a real estate investment guide, and modern technology can help you to reach your destination in the Virginia real estate market. 

Top 7 Locations to Invest in Virginia

Finding good quality rental homes that can suit your budget in the investment properties virginia beach is time consuming and a bit tricky task, but concentration and implementation of real estate software can greatly help you.

However some of the major locations of the investment property for sale market are listed below,

1. Virginia Beach 

This independent city is the top tourist attraction because of the presence of historical pieces of art, and entertaining events. And most tourists’ ultimate choice for their stay in rental homes. Therefore, the Virginia beach rental properties is an ideal location for investors to buy rental properties. 

  • The average rental price is $ 377,203 
  • The average rent is $ 336
  • The revenue is $ 4593
  • The occupancy rate is 75%
  • Active rentals are 2357

2. Boston 

The presence of heritage trails and Banister lake make Accomack county a must-visit place for tourists. Moreover, it also provides a higher occupation rate. Therefore, investing in the Boston investment properties market is always a wise and clever approach to drive more rentals and generate exceptional revenue.

Numerical analysis indicates the following figures. 

  • The average property value is 107,330
  • The average rent is $ 262 
  • The average revenue is $ 3375
  • The occupancy rate is 77%
  • Number of active rentals 11

3. Arlington 

This modern city of Virginia is entitled as the best living place in the USA. It provides a luxurious lifestyle to both locals and visitors. Visitors can witness here a lot of coffee bars, drink corners, and restaurants with famous cuisines. In Arlington county often people rent their homes to earn some extra money. Therefore Arlington is considered a hotspot for real estate investors. 

  • The median property value is $ 836,806
  • The average rent is $ 220
  • The average rental income is $ 2,363
  • The occupancy rate is 57%
  • Active rentals are 1059

4. Charlottesville 

The famous Virginia University is present there. And it also presents the historical view of Virginia. Therefore, the Charlottesville is considered the best location for real estate business. 

It offers the investors 

  • The median home price is $ 447,575
  • The average rent is $ 235
  • The average revenue is $ 3,582
  • The occupancy rate is 70%
  • Total rentals are 656

5. Hampton 

This commonwealth city is the hub of famous arts, traditional festivals, exciting events, and many more to attract tourists. Not only historically but it is also enriched with adventurous places including the National Museum, Fort Monroe, Theaters, and Air space center. And this popularity gives a positive bite to the investors for buying rental properties in the hampton virginia investment real estate.

  • The median property price is $ 247,871 
  • The average rent is $ 222 
  • The average revenue is $ 3125 
  • The occupancy rate is 68% 
  • Active rentals are 384

6. Dublin 

This town of Pulaski County is famous for multiple reasons including the famous tourist attractions, baseball league, mountains, lakes, and many more. Therefore thousands of people visit this place and give rise to the demand for rental homes. Therefore, the Dublin rental market is an ideal location to invest 

  • The average home price is $ 232,450 
  • The average rent is $ 175 
  • The revenue is $ 2,248 
  • The occupancy rate is 58% 
  • Active rentals are 29

7. Richmond 

This oldest city is also the capital of Virginia. It is also the hub of educational institutions. Therefore, the Richmond market is an excellent choice to earn financial freedom. 

  • The median property price is $ 325,000 
  • The average rent is $168 
  • The revenue generation is $2685 
  • The occupancy rate is 76% 
  • Active rentals are 899

Reasons for Investing in The Virginia Real estate Market 

The priority of every real estate investor is to choose a location that can help him or to reach the goals within the assigned budget. And the Virginia real estate market facilitates investors with all the possible opportunities to invest, grow, and reap fruitful results without going through the mental stress or fear of loss. 

We highlighted here the key factors for investing in the Virginia short term rental market. 

Strong Economy 

The top reason to invest in the Virginia is its strong economy that is growing and offering more job opportunities to the people. And impose a positive impact on the revenue growth of the rental homes market.  

Higher Occupation Rate 

Occupation rate determines the job opportunities present within a state. And the presence of various industries in Virginia is a gateway for professionals or even beginners to grab job opportunities. Moreover, the construction of amazon warehouses in the state also boosted the occupation rate. And make the virginia beach investment properties an ideal place for real estate investors to invest and earn maximum cash back. 

Booming Rental Demands 

Virginia is a state with multiple opportunities for almost all types of people whether they belong to tourism, education, or business. Therefore the demand for rental homes in Virginia is relatively higher than in other states of the USA. And it provides a solid reason for investors for buying rental properties in the Virginia short term market. 

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Massive Tourism 

One of the major reasons to invest in the Virginia market is the proximity of millions of tourists across the world to the famous tourist attractions of this beautiful state. This marvelous state is a hub of amazing places including museums, parks, lakes, and beaches. Increasing tourism activities are welcoming signs for real estate investors to boost their revenue growth. 

Extensive Education system 

There are many governments, and private education sectors working in Virginia that attract a massive population of students, and young professors across the globe to learn, and perform search activities. During their stay in Virginia, they rent studios, homes, or foreclosures that boom the Virginia real estate market.

To sum it up, the Virginia short term rental market is a gateway to exploring new ways of consistent income.  Now you have all the reasons to invest in rental properties. Take a bold decision, buy some rental homes in the Virginia market, and start-achieving your goals.

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