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Find Airbnb Marathon Florida short term rentals investment. Identifying a great market to invest in an Airbnb requires two things: understanding short term rental legislation in your target markets and knowing how to analyze short term rentals.

AirDna will assist you in selecting, Analyzing, and renting a property that maximizes your return on investment.

Vacation Rentals Clearwater, Flordia
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How profitable is owning a Airbnb in Marathon Florida: Should you Invest In

Property owners and investors have been earning extra income through Airbnb for all of their properties, whether it’s a single-family home or an entire Airbnb unit.

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Airbnb in Marathon Florida Real Estate Investment and your Potential return

Median Property Price

Median Property Price


Cash on Cash Return

Cash on Cash Return


Monthly Traditional Rental Income


Airbnb Daily Rate

Airbnb Daily Rate


AirDna Smarter Filters for More Accurate Insights

You can now further customize your MarketMinder data in addition to our existing filters of bedrooms, guest count, listing type, it’s exactly what you need to build accurate business cases and compare your listings to the real competition.

Marathon filters

Rent Prices Are Increasing in the Marathon Real Estate Market

Before you jump into Marathon real estate market, it’s a smart idea to conduct some research on the local housing market’s present status in 2022. AirDna is her for you.

Marathon Beach hotels

Vacation resort from $181 for up to 2 guests. You will be based in Palm Beach Shores. Check your property at AirDna that how much you can earn.

Marathon Villas

Vacation rental from 250 dollars per night for 5 guests with an excellent rating of 100%. Signup Here

Marathon Apartments

Apartment to rent for up to 2 people with an excellent rating of AirDna 94%. List your property at Airbnb and earn more

Marathon Cottages

Cottage from $317 per night for up to 8 guests with an excellent rating of 96%. What type of Property do you have. Check Potential

Marathon Motels

Motel rental with a fair only rating of 74% based on AirDna. You will be in Lake Worth.

Marathon Resorts

Resort from $894. Your accommodation will be located in Palm Beach Shores. Analyze your resort at AirDna.


Area Guides

To learn why and where to invest, Read!

Extensive Choice to Invest in

Vacation rentals for sale in Marathon FL: Where to Invest

According to US Census Bureau estimates, 47% of properties in Marathon are owner-occupied, making it an excellent rental market. However, it is not simply feasible for traditional rentals. The city has a lot to offer vacation rental owners.

Here is a fast summary of housing and Airbnb Marathon, Florida as of 2022-23:

  • Airbnb Rental Income: $1,780
  • Airbnb Cash on Cash Return: 1.21%
  • Airbnb Daily Rate: $179
  • Airbnb Occupancy Rate: 37.36%
  • Average Price per Square Foot: $409,230

To Analyze your property potential. SignUp Here.

Buy Airbnb Marathon Florida investment Properties

The fact that house prices in Marathon are cheap but rising indicates that the Airbnb Orlando real estate market 2022 is doing well. This suggests that now is the time for real estate investors to buy Marathon investment homes and hold them for a period of time before selling them at a greater price. Do you want to look for cheap homes for sale in Marathon, FL?

Set your budget and other investing parameters using the AirDna Property Finder. In a couple of minutes, the program will locate profitable real estate investment opportunities that match your specifications! To get started, create a free AirDna account.

Average rent for short term rentals in Marathon, FL?

The average price for a monthly short term rental in Marathon is $1802 per month. Short term rentals in Marathon range from daily rentals to weekend rentals and monthly rentals.

What point does a AirDna short-term rental Tool really make a good investment? 

Determining the potential earnings of a vacation rental has been a guessing game. We know they’re profitable, but how profitable

Enter your address in the world and AirDna share a custom projection for:

  • Annual Revenue
  • Average Daily Rate
  • Occupancy Rate
  • Future appreciation or depreciation
  • Seasonality’s impact on profits
  • A competitive analysis of rentals in your neighborhood

AirDna Taking Your Revenue Predictions to the Next Level

Once you’ve confirmed that a market is a smart investment, decided on the sort and size of property you want, and start looking at real estate, it’s time to get a more detailed revenue estimate. Enter your address into Rentalizer (an Airbnb Calculator) to view its expected Annual Revenue, average daily rate, and occupancy rate expectations based on how current Airbnb and Vrbo competition is performing. Sign up for AirDNa first, though.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pros and Cons of Purchasing a Vacation Rental in the Marathon Florida

Owning a vacation rental is a great way to earn extra income and grow wealth. Depending on the market. The many vacation rental sites, like AirBnB, HomeAway and VRBO provide many avenues to make sure that your property is consistently occupied

Taking Your Marathon Home Revenue Predictions to the Next Level

Plug any address into Rentalizer (an Airbnb Calculator) to see its predicted Annual Revenue along with predicted average daily rate and occupancy rate expectations based on how existing Airbnb and Vrbo competition is currently performing.

Analyze Airbnb investments and real estate data in each market

Though you can find some of these figures manually, you can also use tools like MarketMinder to quickly generate the data you need. 

Find Short term rental investment properties for sale in popular US States & cities or search by region, city or neighborhood.



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