Mashvisor vs. AirDNA: Which Vacation Rental Software is Right for You?


As the vacation rental market grows, the competition among rental property owners and investors becomes fiercer. Therefore, it is essential to use software tools to help analyze the market and make better-informed decisions. Two such tools are Mashvisor and AirDNA. While both tools are aimed at vacation rental owners and investors, they have different features and pricing models. In this article, we will compare Mashvisor vs. AirDNA to help you determine which software is best for you.

Overview of Mashvisor and AirDNA


Mashvisor is an all-in-one real estate investment platform that helps investors analyze the US housing market by providing comprehensive property data analytics. Mashvisor’s Vacation Rental Calculator tool provides insight into the potential profitability of rental properties in different locations, including Airbnb rentals. Additionally, Mashvisor offers a platform for short-term rental management, including automated property management services and dynamic pricing tools.


AirDNA, on the other hand, is a vacation rental data and analytics company that specializes in analyzing the short-term rental market. AirDNA provides short-term rental data reports, market insights, and a dynamic pricing tool to help vacation rental owners and property managers price their listings more accurately. They also offer an API that allows third-party tools to access and use their data.

Features Comparison

A. Mashvisor Features

Mashvisor offers a range of features that help real estate investors make better-informed decisions. Some of Mashvisor’s most notable features include:

  • Investment Property Analysis: Mashvisor’s platform provides a comprehensive analysis of real estate investment opportunities, including traditional and Airbnb rental properties. The tool includes projections for potential rental income, cash on cash return, and cap rate. Mashvisor’s analytics tools can help investors find the best real estate deals, which can result in higher returns on investment.
  • Short-Term Rental Management: Mashvisor’s platform offers a range of tools to help investors manage short-term rental properties, including automated messaging, booking management, and pricing tools. The tool uses machine learning algorithms to determine the optimal price for a rental property, taking into account factors such as location, seasonality, and competition.
  • Neighborhood Analysis: Mashvisor provides real estate investors with comprehensive data on neighborhoods, including rental income, occupancy rates, and crime rates. This data can help investors identify the best neighborhoods for investment, reducing the risk of investing in the wrong location.

B. AirDNA Features

AirDNA offers a range of features aimed at vacation rental owners and property managers, including:

  • Short-Term Rental Data Reports: AirDNA provides data reports that analyze the short-term rental market, including occupancy rates, average daily rates, and demand. These reports can help vacation rental owners and managers identify trends in the market and adjust their pricing and marketing strategies accordingly.
  • Market Insights: AirDNA provides market insights based on their data, including which locations are most profitable for short-term rentals and which types of properties are in demand.
  • Dynamic Pricing Tool: AirDNA offers a dynamic pricing tool that helps vacation rental owners and managers price their listings more accurately. The tool uses machine learning algorithms to determine the optimal price for a listing, taking into account factors such as location, seasonality, and demand.
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C. Features Comparison Table

Sure, here’s a comparison table for the features of Mashvisor and AirDNA:

Property Search✔️✔️
Investment Property Analysis✔️✔️
Rental Income Analysis✔️✔️
Airbnb Occupancy Rates✔️✔️
Traditional Rental Rates✔️✔️
Property Management✔️
Dynamic Pricing✔️
Revenue Management✔️
Occupancy Analytics✔️
Market Data✔️✔️
Historical Performance Data✔️✔️
Real Estate Listings✔️
Customizable Reporting✔️✔️
Integration with Other Tools✔️
PricingStarting at $49/monthStarting at $19.99/month

As you can see, both Mashvisor and AirDNA have several features in common, such as property search, investment property analysis, rental income analysis, Airbnb occupancy rates, traditional rental rates, market data, and historical performance data. However, AirDNA offers more advanced features like property management, dynamic pricing, revenue management, occupancy analytics, and integration with other tools. 

On the other hand, Mashvisor offers real estate listings and customizable reporting as additional features.

When it comes to pricing, AirDNA offers a more affordable starting price at $19.99/month, while Mashvisor starts at $49/month. It’s important to note that the pricing for both tools varies depending on the plan and level of access you choose. Additionally, Mashvisor offers a free trial for users to test out the tool before committing to a subscription.

Learn More in detail for AirDNA Pricing


In conclusion, both Mashvisor and AirDNA offer valuable tools for real estate investors and Airbnb hosts. While Mashvisor excels in providing data and insights for traditional rental properties, AirDNA focuses on the short-term rental market. When it comes to pricing, Mashvisor offers a more affordable option for those on a budget, while AirDNA’s higher pricing reflects the depth of their data analysis.

Ultimately, the choice between Mashvisor and AirDNA will depend on the specific needs and preferences of each individual user. Investors looking to make informed decisions about traditional rental properties may prefer Mashvisor’s user-friendly platform and cost-effective pricing. Meanwhile, Airbnb hosts seeking detailed insights into the short-term rental market may find AirDNA’s more comprehensive data analysis to be a better fit.

Regardless of which tool is ultimately chosen, both Mashvisor and AirDNA are valuable resources for real estate investors and Airbnb hosts looking to make data-driven decisions and maximize their returns.


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